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Bearing Plate
Bearing Plate
Product Introduction:

Bearing plate as the most important components in underground support system, used with friction bolt to help in tension when the bolt drive to the rock.

Product description:
By increasing the coverage area of the contacted rock, it offers stiffness yield strength to the rock surface especially under high loads where it has a good performance in strata reinforcement.

At the same time, bearing plates also help to fix the mesh, with friendly hook and round corner to offer a fast and efficient job. For general use, dome plate is popular but to give an enhanced performance and by providing an increasing coverage area and stiffer yield strength, Combi plate and Duo plate has been accepted by most of the site.

For some circumstance, strata plate and mesh plate has to be used, and also more and more new models of bearing plate was designed to fit the special requirements and create higher yield strength which was the most important features of the bearing plate.

Together with friction bolt, we offer all standard bearing plates, we also welcome and would like to make special plates designed by our customers, and all the special required plates are available.
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