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OEM friction bolt service involves the manufacturing, supply, and support of friction bolts by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). These bolts, also known as rock bolts or split sets, are used extensively in mining, tunneling, and ground support applications to stabilize rock and soil.

OEM Friction Bolt Service Options

◆ Custom Manufacturing

○ Specifications: Production of friction bolts to specific dimensions, materials, and strength requirements based on client needs.

○ Quality Control: Ensuring high-quality standards through rigorous testing and certification processes.

◆ Supply and Distribution

○ Inventory Management: We maintain adequate stock levels to meet demand.

○ Logistics: Efficient delivery and distribution systems to ensure timely availability of friction bolts at job sites.

◆ Technical Support

○ Consultation: Providing expert advice on the selection and application of friction bolts.

○ Training: Offering training sessions for proper installation and maintenance of friction bolts.

◆ After-Sales Service

○ Warranty and Replacement: Offering warranties and handling replacements for defective bolts.

○ Maintenance: Providing maintenance services to ensure the longevity and performance of the installed bolts.



TRM Advantages

◆ Advanced rollformers and welders make our annual capacity of friction bolt and split set up to 30,000 tons and even more

◆ Self-owned galvanized production line keeps our friction bolt and split set with a fantastic qualified coating of galvanizing

◆ With full range of presses, CNC bending, laser cutting and other facilities, we can meet all the requirements from customers in a quick response and short-time in delivery

◆ Other related products and spare parts are all available like plate, mesh, support ring, pull collar etc.

◆ OEM service is available.