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Mesh Bolts

Mesh bolt is a specialized type of fastener used in construction and industrial applications, particularly in securing wire mesh or fencing to various surfaces. It typically consists of a threaded rod with a flat head and a square or hexagonal nut. The flat head is designed to sit flush against the surface, while the threaded rod extends through the mesh and is secured in place using the nut.

Mesh bolts are essential components for securing wire mesh and fencing in various applications, offering strength, reliability, and ease of installation.

Applications of Split Set Mesh Bolts

Mesh bolts are commonly used in a variety of applications, including fencing, landscaping, construction, and industrial settings. They are often used to secure wire mesh panels for security fencing, animal enclosures, garden trellises, and construction site barriers, among other uses.

● Mining Support: It is extensively used in mining operations to prevent rockfalls and stabilize tunnel walls. They provide essential support in creating a safe working environment for miners.

● Tunneling Projects: Widely applied in tunnel construction, Mesh Bolt offers robust reinforcement to tunnel walls, ensuring structural stability and minimizing the risk of collapses.

● Civil Engineering Projects: Mesh Bolts find utility in various civil engineering projects, providing geological support in scenarios such as underground foundations, tunnels, and excavations.

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