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Bolt Pull Test Introduction

Bolt Pull Test plays a critical role in assessing the performance of Friction Bolts. It serves as a crucial indicator for evaluating welding quality and determining the ultimate breaking strength of the bolts. This testing procedure is conducted multiple times within a production batch to ensure a consistently high standard of welding quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Quality Control

We have a dual-track quality control system. With one track focused on each process, it can keep each process away from quality issues from the start. The second track focuses on various stages of production and is run by our professional inspectors. Sampling inspections at each different stage of production informs quality levels and feeds back to production personnel. These two tracks will complement each other to ensure we provide qualified products.

This system will make our quality control processes covered by double insurance, and be sure everything under control from steel mill material to the final products delivery to our customers. Contact us today and let us provide efficient solutions for your project with high-quality products and services.

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