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47mm Friction Bolts

47mm friction bolts refer to the diameter of the friction bolt. 47mm friction bolts, also known as split set stabilizers, are essential ground support tools widely used in mining, tunneling, and geotechnical applications to stabilize rock and soil structures.

47mm split set stabilizers are crucial components in ensuring the safety and stability of underground and surface structures in various industries. Their ease of installation, immediate support, and durability make them a preferred choice for ground support applications.

47mm Friction Bolts Applications:

  1. Mining: Used extensively to stabilize mine roofs, walls, and floors in both underground and open-pit mines.

  2. Tunneling: Provides support for tunnel walls during and after excavation.

  3. Civil Engineering: Applied in slope stabilization, retaining walls, and other geotechnical projects.

  4. Construction: Supports excavations and temporary structures in various construction projects.

We can also provide OEM services, please tell us your ground support needs, we will provide you with OEM friction bolts.

47mm Friction Bolts Features

● Friction Fit: The split set design allows the bolt to generate friction against the hole walls, providing immediate ground support upon installation.

● High Strength: Made from high-strength steel to withstand significant loads and harsh underground conditions.

● Corrosion Resistance: Galvanized or coated to resist corrosion and extend the service life of the bolt.

● Easy Installation: Can be installed quickly using standard drilling equipment, reducing labor costs and time.

● Load Distribution: Often used with bearing plates or domed plates to distribute the load more evenly and enhance support.

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